Monday, October 5, 2009

Oracle Database 11g SQL by Jason Price

This book mainly deals with SQL, and basics of PL/SQL programing of Oracle Database 11g. The current version of the book has been updated for Oracle database 11g, but also covers all versions of Oracle from 8i, 9i, 10g to 11g.

This book covers most aspects of SQL. The content spans over 17 chapters with one appendix covering the Oracle data types. The book does cover all aspects of SQL including whole chapters on Large Objects, Running SQL using Java, SQL tuning and using XML with Oracle.

If you are going to just be looking for new SQL that comes with 11g then I would probably recommend the Oracle Database 11g New Features book instead, as you may already know a lot of the areas of SQL that this book covers. This book also includes a lot of DBA SQL areas such as creating tables, sequences, indexes, views, triggers as well as covering SQL tuning and creating and administering users, roles and privileges.

The book includes a great many examples and code to follow in order to make it easier to learn all the aspects of SQL, the publishers also offer you free code online. We can download the code used in this book from Oracle Press website.

This book is good for beginner and intermediate users. This will become your main reference if you work on SQL, and especially Oracle-specific SQL. It has many examples of SQL for specific basic tasks. Not system administration tasks, mind you, but DML and DDL. These examples are the biggest strength.

One last note: the book is a SQL book, not a PL/SQL book. If you need to do PL/SQL you will need another PL/SQL-specific book.

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